YouTube Silently Introduces Hashtags Feature


If you are keen enough you may have noticed that hashtags now appear on YouTube videos.

The feature is now active despite lack of an official announcement from YouTube.

Introduction of hashtags feature to YouTube now means you get to search videos using relevant hashtags.

Other than helping users quickly search videos, the feature also allows one to view other similar videos based on a common hashtag.

The hashtags have clickable links, meaning you can click on the hashtag on a video title or description to bring up similar videos.

According to YouTube’s help page, users will be allowed to add up to fifteen hashtags to a video’s description. However, only the first three will be shown above the video title.

However, not all YouTube videos will have the hashtag. A content uploader will have to include at least one hashtag on the video title or description for it to be classified among other relevant hashtags.

YouTube cautions users against (among others) using unrelated, misleading or offensive hashtags.

The hashtag feature is active on both the web version of YouTube and the Android app. It is yet to be introduced on YouTube for iOS.


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