Why Joe Irungu Murdered Monica Kimani


It is now clear that Joe Irungu, aka Jowie, knew the late Monica Kimani personally, to the extent that he was a regular visitor to her Luciane Apartments house in Kilimani.

Monica and Joe were classmates at Kenya Polythenic before each went to pursue different paths in life.

Monica, at the invite of her father Bishop Ngarama, went to Southern Sudan where he was a renown newspaper vendor.

She got a job at the Kenyan Embassy in Juba. While in Juba she was able to warm her way into the coffers of high ranking officials, including the Deputy Speaker of South Sudan national assembly, Daniel Awet Okot.

South Sudan Deputy Speaker Daniel Awet Okot | Photo: Courtesy

It is alleged other than being romantically involved with Awet, Monica would also launder money for him and his cronies.

The late Monica Kimani | Photo: courtesy

Joe got romantically involved with Monica and got to know the true nature of business she was engaged in.

Meanwhile, Joe met Jacque Maribe in a club and they hit off with the former proposing in a highly publicized event.

Maribe, being hopelessly romantic, tearfully accepted the proposal. Joe moved in with her shortly after, having no place of his own.

Professionally, Joe is trained in private security. His known jobs being private military contracts, providing security to VIPs and being a bouncer in a Dubai club.

Joe providing security to Joyce Lay during last year’s campaigns | Photo: Courtesy

Being recently jobless, Joe got greedy and hatched a plan to grab the stash of cash Monica always had in her apartment in Kilimani.

He must have got wind that Monica was flying in with a substantial amount in what would be her last trip from Juba.

He picked her from JKIA in Maribe’s car, a Toyota Allion that is now in the possession of CID, and dropped her off at her apartment.

Monica was planning to leave for Dubai for a holiday. In fact she didn’t have time to even meet her family, telling her brother she’ll see them once she came back.

On the fateful night, Joe visited her and signed in at the gate with a fake name (Dominic). Neighbours told the police they saw him leave the apartment in a white Kanzu.

The Kanzu might be among the remains of clothing items that were found burnt behind the house in Lang’ata and are being subjected to forensic analysis.

Back at Lang’ata, where he lives with Maribe, Joe must have got wind that police were somehow on his trail. He had to quickly get an alibi.

He either shot himself, or was shot by Maribe, and proceeded to claim he had been accosted with robbers at the gate to her residence.

Maribe drove him to various hospitals, including Lang’ata and Kijabe hospitals, without reporting the incidence to the police as it is required by law when dealing with a gunshot victim.

Police were unable to get any spent cartridges at the scene and neither did neighbours hear of any gunshot.

Police immediately read into the poorly scripted alibi and arrested Joe, remanding him for ten days as they unraveled the puzzle.

Joe Irungu with CID officers | Photo: Courtesy

Maribe was questioned three days in a row but continued to cover up for Joe. It is reported that she even threatened investigating officers that they will lose their jobs if they continued questioning her.

Maribe at DCI Kilimani | Photo: Courtesy

Her fiancé is also said to have told officers that the case was going nowhere, perhaps confident that Maribe’s connections with top echelons would come in handy.

However, all that came to a crashing end when the most recent raid yielded a substantial amount of cash from Maribe’s house in Royal Park Estate, Lang’ata. Cash Joe is believed to have stolen from Monica’s house. Sources claim the cash amounts to Ksh. 6 million.

This evidence is in addition to a gun and live bullet that were earlier recovered from under the bed Joe warmed for Maribe.

It is reported that the gun used to inflict Joe’s wound belongs to a neighbour by the name Brian Kassaine Spira. He has since been arrested.

Unconfirmed reports also intimate that phone signal records place Maribe in Monica’s apartment on the day she was murdered.

The TV siren is no longer a person of interest but a suspect in the Murder of Monica Kimani. She was arrested yesterday and will be charged in court on Monday.


Maribe has recanted her earlier statement and offered a new recorded version of what transpired the night Monica was killed.

This possibly means the journalist may be used as a prosecution witness in the case against her fiancé.

It has also emerged that Maribe is the one who pointed police to the bullet hole in her house, where Irungu is suspected to have tried to commit suicide using his neighbour’s gun.

The DCI is looking to have a watertight case against Irungu after getting substantial credible information from Irungu’s friends, neighbours and now his fiancée.


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