Wanted Gangster Shimoli Jnr Still At Large, Police Killed the Wrong Person


For the better part of yesterday, news outlets were abuzz with reports that Nairobi’s ‘most wanted criminal’ Shimoli Jnr. had been gunned down.

It is now emerging that it may have been a fatal case of mistaken identity. The person police fell is not actually Shimoli Jnr. but Arnold Okong’o.

Arnold Okong’o was mistaken for gangster Leone Shimoli and shot dead

Arnold is the son of Jericho All Stars football club coach Thomas Okong’o. The dad is now crying for justice to be served following his son’s mistaken shooting.

The incident has raised serious questions regarding how thorough police are in identifying and targeting criminals. Human rights groups have been decrying extra judicial killings, noting that some of those killed are not actuall criminals. 

It is no secret that at times police do plant weapons on victims to sway public opinion to their court. Case in point, a revolver and bullets were place next to Arnold’s lifeless body, police purported that they were found on him.

Shimoli Jnr., alias Leonne Messi, is not the only descendant of the Shimoli clan to follow on their father’s footsteps. Fauzia Wyatt, his sister, is a hardcore criminal in her own right. She is known to target clubgoers with her gang. Her mode of operation involves drugging victims, hiring out and ferrying guns for her male accomplices.

Shimoli Jnr. and Fauzia are son and daughter of dreaded gangster Edward Shimoli who reigned terror on City residents in the 90’s. The senior Shimoli was so sly that he escaped numerous police dragnets. Shimoli also escaped from prison more than three times.

Towards his last days on earth Shimoli Snr. pleaded with the state to keep him in prison. He made the unusual request on grounds that there were policemen who were out for his blood, even he reformed. The state released him anyway and true to his word, he was felled in a hail of bullets afew months.

Police are yet to confirm or refute the report.


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