Twitter: Change Your Password Right Now

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Popular micro-blogging site Twitter has asked its more than 330 million users to changer their passwords for security reasons.

Twitter asked users to change passwords out of caution

This is after it emerged that a glitch in their system caused passwords of a ‘substantial’ number of users to be stored in plain text.
The company says that the bug that caused the problem has since been fixed but still encouraged users to changed passwords out of caution.

Apparently, the passwords were stored in plain text for several months and Twitter became aware of the problem just a few weeks ago.

This comes in the wake of continued concern for privacy of user data on social platforms.

The US Senate Committee put Facebook CEO Mack Zuckerberg to task over what is believed to be the social media platform’s lax privacy policies and massive misuse of user data.

Twitter users can secure their accounts further by enabling two-factor authentication; where a code is sent to a user’s mobile phone number. The user then types the code into the web portal to complete login.


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