Smart Compose and Other New Gmail Features You Should Check Out


The new Android P features and Google Assistant’s amazing AI capabilities are not the only awesome goodies Google has lined up for its users.

The new Gmail gets new features such as Smart Compose, Nudging and High-priority Notifications

Gmail also gets to receive a couple of new smart features meant to make your email experience better. Some of these features are based on the use of machine-learning algorithms to better understand how you use Gmail and which options work out best for you. 
Google CEO Sundar Pichai briefly touched on the new Smart Compose feature being rolled out to Gmail in his Google I/O keynote. But that is not the only new feature you get to see in the revamped Gmail, there are more…

Smart Compose

Building on Smart Reply, which came into effect last year, the new feature predicts what you want to type next. If the suggested phrases or sentences appeal to you, just hit tab to accept.

Google employs the use machine leaning to figure out your conversational style and make near-accurate suggestions based on what you have already typed. Smart Compose will be handy in helping users type messages more quickly.

Hover Actions

Hovering over a message in your Gmail inbox now brings up more actions. These actions include archive, delete, mark as read or snooze.

Snoozing an email will make it disappear from your inbox for an amount of time you set. The email will reappear once the time you set elapses.

Confidential Mode

This mode gives you the power to decide who can see your email message and what they can do with it. You can limit the recipient’s actions on your messages such as forwarding or downloading attachments

Expiring Emails

Gmail now allows you to set a date of expiry on an email message. After the date, the message will disappear from the recipient’s inbox.

You can also unsend an email set for expiry. Just go to the sent folder, select the message and click ‘remove access.’ The recipient will still see the email but if they try to open it they’ll get the prompt ‘You don’t have access to this email.’

If you change your mind, just click on ‘renew access’ and the recipient will be able to open and read the email.

To enter into Confidential Mode, click on the clock icon at the option bar.

HighPriority Notifications

This feature now makes Gmail to only send you push notifications for emails marked as important.  This feature is also available on Gmail mobile apps.

Gmail will also help you declutter your inbox by suggesting which senders’ emails you should unsubscribe from.


The nudging feature is meant to remind you of an email you have responded to in a while. The feature bolds an email to make it more prominent and catch your attention.

PS: For those who have not received a notification to try out the new features, click on the ‘Settings’ icon at the top right corner and select ‘Try the new Gmail.’ 


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