Safaricom Bonga: The Platform that Will Allow You to Send and Receive Money while Chatting


Safaricom, Kenya’s largest teleco in terms of subscribers and revenue, is set to launch a messaging platform with deep M-Pesa integration.

Bonga will have deep M-Pesa integration

Bonga users will be able to carry out M-Pesa transactions such as checking balance, sending and receiving money while chatting and without leaving the application.
Safaricom is aiming to tap into users’ social interactions while at the same time enriching their experience on its platform.

Safaricom Chief Innovation officer Kamal Bhattacharya says that on Bonga, M-Pesa users can send messages to one other, to a business or raise funds through groups.

In regard of user privacy, Bhattacharya noted that the platform will have end-to-end encryption; meaning Safaricom staff cannot read the messages users exchange.

Bonga is currently being tested by Safaricom staff and will be launched later in the year.



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