PHOTOS: Jacque Maribe’s Bae Drags Her into Murder Investigation


Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe has found herself hogging headlines for matters that may not have her involvement.

This is after police earlier today arrested her fiancé in connection with the murder of Monica Kimani.

Ms Kimani was found dead in a bathtub in her apartment along Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani, on Thursday 20th.

Maribe’s fiancé, Joe Irungu, popularly known as Jowie Joe, is a person of interest in the murder investigation after he went to hospital to get treated for a gunshot wound on his chest.

Joe said he got the shot when robbers attacked him, a story that wasn’t convincing enough to investigating officers since there were no reports of gunshots in the area he mentioned and no spent cartridge was recovered from the scene.

It is alleged that it is Maribe who actually drove Joe to hospital to get treated for the wound. It is not clear if she reported the matter to police as it is required by law when handling a gunshot victim.

Witnesses say that Joe is among the last people Ms Kimani was seen with on Wednesday evening before her brother found her with a slit throat and hands tied behind her in the bath tub on Thursday.

Joe is reported to have been in contact with the deceased, he’s even the one who picked her from the airport after she landed from Juba.

Ms Kimani was due to leave for Dubai on Saturday.

A dress she had bought for her birthday and keys are the only items missing from her apartment, eliminating chances that it was a robbery gone wrong.

Several photos of the suspect clad in military attire and holding assault rifles insinuate he may be involved in military activities.

It is not clear if he is a gun for hire or works for a private security firm.

Source close to him however say he works as a bouncer in Dubai, an interesting coincidence given that’s where Ms Kimani was headed for holiday.

Maribe was questioned and later released but her fiance remains in police custody.

Kiambu Court on Wednesday granted police 10 more days to hold Joe at Muthaiga as investigations continue.

Joe and Maribe only got engaged recently in a highly publicized event.


  • Sources close to the investigating agencies intimate that the suspect used his fiancée’s car to drive to the late Monica’s place.
  • Police are trying to reach Jacque Maribe in vain. She could not be found at her place and neither is she returning phone calls.
  • Later on Thursday 27th Maribe presented herself at Kilimani DCI where she was questioned and later allowed to leave.
  • Jacque Maribe has been arrested in connection with the murder of Monica Kimani. This is after detectives recovered material evidence from Maribe house. Unconfirmed sources intimate that a substantial amount of cash believed to have been taken from Monica’s apartment was found in Maribe’s house.


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