Oppo, Qualcomm Test First 3D Video Call on 5G

Chinese phonemaker Oppo and US chip manufacturer Qualcomm are looking to score an industry first with consumer-ready devices capable of live 3D video calls on the 5G network standard. Oppo […]

Android P Highlights from Google IO 2018, Day 1

Google kicked off  this year’s I/O with some impressive showcasing. Other than Google Assistant’s ability to call actual places and make appointments for you, the new features on Android P […]

Kenyans Pirate eBook on Corruption

Corruption in Kenya is like the mythical Lernaean Hydra; you cut a head and two grow in its part. It is not news that it has permeated almost every facet […]

7 Habits of Trustworthy People

To truly know someone, you have to spend a healthy amount of time around or with them.  Nonetheless, there are particular traits that will promptly give away an individual’s character.  […]