Oppo, Qualcomm Test First 3D Video Call on 5G


Chinese phonemaker Oppo and US chip manufacturer Qualcomm are looking to score an industry first with consumer-ready devices capable of live 3D video calls on the 5G network standard.

Oppo and Qualcomm conducted the world’s first successful 3D video call on 5G yesterday in Shenzen, China.

The Oppo 3D, 5G video call demo in Shenzen. Photo: Courtesy

According to insiders, the experiment was conducted using a customized version of the Oppo R11s smartphone. 
The device achieved this feat by collecting “color and 3D depth information of the target object by using RGB and the structured light camera of the phone.”

Information from the device was then transmitted on a high-bandwidth 5G connection to a tablet.

Oppo are on course to manufacture smartphones with 3D structured light capability by the end of 2018.

However, practical application of 3D conferencing on the devices may not happen until later in 2019 because 5G deployment is not yet widespread.

Oppo are known to be daring in wading into uncharted waters. It should be remembered that the Oppo N1 was the first smartphone with a rotating camera.

Oppo also scored another first with the Find 7; the first smartphone capable of taking 50MP photos.


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