Modified Exterior Car LED lights Banned in Kenya


It is now illegal to install high-powered LED lights on your vehicle.

Police have warned motorists to refrain from the practice, noting that it is an inconvenience to other road users.

Modified LED lights are an inconvenience to other road users

The National Police Service, through its Twitter account, said that any unlawful LED light fixtures will be dealt with in accordance with provisions in the Traffic Act.

The Traffic Act further outlaws modifications on brake lights, horns, and exhaust systems.

Motorbike riders are required to have their headlights on during daylight hours; a rule that most boda boda riders may not be aware of.

The ban is a welcome move going by the number of complaints road users have been raising on social media.

Other than light bars, blinking LED lights – including modified brake lights – are quite insensitive to other drivers as they make it difficult to concentrate on the road.

LED light bars and strips with enough power to disorient an oncoming driver have been fast becoming a popular trend among young vehicle owners.


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