Meaning of Lamba Lolo and other New Sheng Words


Sheng has baffled many because of its dynamic nature. Words that were in operation in the ‘90s are no longer in operation or mean different things altogether.

Here are some of the latest popular sheng words and their meanings.

Antelope/Nyonyo/Ngeus/Nguna/Ndono – Girl

Beast/Sanse/Njege – Police

Chorea – Ignore or let go of an issue

Fathela – Father

Haha/Gwaya – Fear

Hasapa – Here

Ikus/ikusde – females genitals

Imbo – Fake

Jaba – Khat (Miraa)

K/Tenga – A thousand shillings

Kata maji – get wasted/drink alcohol

Kinde – Ten shillings

Kreki – Run mad

Lamba Lolo – Lick a lollipop (vulgar meaning is to have oral sex). The phrase is commonly used to tell people to take a chill pill or admit they have lost/been played.

Maunenge – Hunger pangs
Mauru – Bad boy/girl

Mbekse – Two

Mbleina – Fool

Mbogi – Group/Gang

Mbulu – Tv

Mechi/Nyandua – Sex/have sex

Mjulubeng/Mchwadi – Manhood

Mloite – Loo

Mokoro – Mother

Moshatha – Upcountry

Mtasis/Sisteren – Sister

Ndeng’a – Pistol

Nganya/mathree – Matatu

Ngono – Handcart

Ngori – Tough/Challenging

Ngwai/Ngwelo/Ndukulu/Rizla – Weed

Ngware – Early morning

Nich/Chwani – Fifty Shillings

Nyuria – Die

Pinchi – Pick pocket

Pona/Nyai – Steal

Pori – Pocket

Punch – 500 shillings

Rada- Alert/Aware

Riba – Story

Ridhe/Copper – Bullet

Rombosa – Dance

Rwabe – Two hundred shillings

Salasa – Thirty Shillings

Shandwa – Get shot

Stepa/Gwangi – Thief

Tei – Alcohol

Tokomona – Sleep

Tonje – Laptop

Tutu – Coward

Usoro (chapa Usoro) – study

Waba – water


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