Kenyans Pirate eBook on Corruption


Corruption in Kenya is like the mythical Lernaean Hydra; you cut a head and two grow in its part.

It is not news that it has permeated almost every facet of the Kenyan society.

The country is often ranked among the most corrupt nations in the world and the political elite don’t do us any justice with their open and somewhat blatant plunder of public resources.

Author Joe Khamisi took his time and penned an 752-page insightful volume about the state of corruption in Kenya since independence.

The book, titled KenyaLooters and Grabbers: 54 Years of Corruption and Plunder by the Elite 1963-2017, explores how ultra-rich political dynasties and wheeler-dealers have been milking the country dry over the years.

Cover of Joe Khamisi’s book on corruption in Kenya

True to Joe Khamisi’s exposition, Kenyans penchant for getting things underservedly has come to fore as some inherently corrupt Kenyans rushed to obtain and distribute a PDF copy of the book without paying.
It is quite ironical that a book on corruption would be pirated by the very audience it is meant to enlighten and perhaps transform. What a way to underline how much corruption is intertwined in the national fabric.

Obtain the ebook justly from the author by sending Ksh. 500/- via M-Pesa Paybill No. 400200, account no. 01145007402200 Co-operative Bank.

The ebook is also available on Amazon at $9.99.


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