Kenyans Invade Gab in Protest of Twitter Censorship

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That Kenyans on social media are a force to reckon with is no news. They are known to take to platforms such as Twitter to protest social injustice and bad governance with amazing results.

In that regard, a few individuals have cultivated a name of themselves and in the process amassed millions of loyal followers.

However, in recent days Twitter has taken drastic steps to rein in hate speech and personal attacks. Steps taken include revocation of fake followers and suspension of accounts that violate Twitter rules and/or policies.

The most notable victim of this crackdown is Cyprian Nyakundi, a popular blogger and social justice crusader.

Nyakundi has been known not shy from taking huge corporations like Bidco and Safaricom. Seemingly untouchable government officials and corporate moguls have also been victims of his vengeance.

Twitter first shaved off about half a million followers from Nyakundi’s account. Then yesterday his account was suspended following complaints that he had posted a photo of one of Radio Africa’s senior managers in a compromising position with two ladies.

In defiance, Nyakundi crossed over to Gab, a microblogging platform previously unknown to many Kenyans.
Several Kenyans followed suit, complaining of Twitter’s censorship and embracing Gab’s promise of a platform for free speech and expression.

By the time of Penning this article over 7,000 Kenyans have signed up on Gab and more still continue to join the platform.

Gab was launched in August 2016 in beta version, becoming open for signing up in May 2017.

Gab users can post text of up to 300 characters as well as multimedia. It has like, unlike, reply, quote, repost and share buttons.

A screenshot of Gab home screen (android app)

Users can upgrade their account to the Pro version which allows extra features such as verification and monetization.

Gab does not expressly prohibit hate speech. The only form of censorship on the platform is prohibition of threats of violence, terrorism and child pornography.

Gab users can sign up and interact on the web version or download the Android app.

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