UPDATED: Joe Irungu’s Noose Drawing Tighter as Maribe is Questioned by CID


Joe Irungu aka Jowie Joe’s attempts to exonerate himself from the murder of Monica Kimani may have ironically nailed him.

Joe Irungu at Kilimani Police Station

Witnesses and phone records place Joe in Monica’s apartment moments before she was brutally killed some time on Wednesday night.

The following morning Joe reported to Langata police that he had been shot by armed robbers at the gate of his fiancée Jacque Maribe’s residence (in Langata).

However, neighbours where the alleged shooting took place said they heard no gun shots. Detectives were also unable to recover bullet cartridges from the scene.

In a fresh twist, police instead recovered a live pistol bullet from Maribe and Joe’s house.

Evidence has also shown that Joe drove to and from Kilimani in Maribe’s car, a Toyota Allion. The car was earlier today towed to Kilimani CID where it was dusted for evidence.

It has also emerged that Joe knew Monica personally. Her brother told reporters that he schooled with Joe and that he (Joe) was familiar with his sister.

He further stated that at some point Joe tried to date Monica but she turned him down for personal reasons.

Joe and Monica would nevertheless continue to cross paths in Juba where she ran an unspecified family business while Joe worked on private security contracts.

Monica was due to travel to Dubai on Saturday for a vacation. Joe is said to work in Dubai as a security guard.

For the second day Jacque Maribe was questioned by CID officers after she presented herself at Kilimani Police Station.

Maribe at Kilimani Police Station

Maribe is in a tight spot considering the fact that if her fiancé is guilty of murdering Monica, and it is found that she knew about the murder before or after, she’ll be charged with accessory to murder, a charge that carries life sentence.

2nd October Update

After the third day in detainment, Jacque Maribe has recanted her earlier statement that seemed to cover up for her fiancé.

She has now offered a new recorded version of what transpired the night Monica was killed.

This possibly means the journalist may be used as a prosecution witness in the case against her fiancé.

It has also emerged that Maribe is the one who pointed police to the bullet hole in her house, where Irungu is suspected to have tried to commit suicide using his neighbour’s gun.

The DCI is looking to have a watertight case against Irungu after getting substantial credible information from Irungu’s friends, neighbours and now his fiancée.

4th October

DNA analysis on samples from the scene of crime (Monica’s apartment) show that Jowie Irungu was there.

Other than his fingers being all over the place, the DNA results also show he had sexual intercourse with the deceased.

It is not yet clear whether it was consensual sex or rape.

9th October

Irungu and Maribe to be remanded for 6 more days. Irungu will be remanded at Industrial Area Remand prison while Maribe will be at Lang’ata women’s prison.

They’ll take a plea on October 15th after Maribe undergoes mental assessment at Mathare hospital as instructed by the court.

Meanwhile the DPP has said he has reviewed evidence and is convinced both should be charged with the murder of Monica Kimani.

9th October

A GSU officer believed to be Jowie Irungu’s friend, was arrested on Thursday in connection with the murder of Monica Kimani.

Jowie with Jennings Orlando | Photo: Courtesy

Jennings Orlando Odhiambo is said to have been with Irungu in the car as he drove to Monica Kimani’s apartment on the night she was murdered.

Jennings, a Recce Squad officer who works at the American Embassy in Nairobi, was detained for 15 days as investigations continue.

30th October

Jacque Maribe has been released on a Ksh. 1 millions cash bail. While granting her bail, Justice Wakiaga ordered that she is not to read news or participate in any interviews.

Her fiancé was however denied bail. The judge cited that Irungu is a flight risk and has acceess to guns which he can use to intimidate witnesses.


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