Ill Effects of Smartphone Light

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Smartphones are incredibly useful gadgets that living without one in the modern age is more of an encumbrance.

However, researchers have linked too much smartphone use to a number of ill effects. One of the main causes of these ill effects is the white light the devices emit.

Using smartphones at night is linked to disrupted sleep patterns. Image: Courtesy

The human body goes through a sleep cycle that helps us stay active during the day and fall asleep at night.

As darkness falls, the body releases melatonin; a sleep-inducing chemical.
Researchers have found out that exposure to white light from smartphones suppresses release of melatonin.

This denies one the chance to get adequate sleep. Insufficient sleep is linked to a number of ill effects including, fatigue, poor judgement, lack of concentration, poor memory, among others.

Today most applications are designed with ‘sleep’ or ‘night’ mode to help shield users from the ill effects of white light.

Nonetheless no conclusive studies have shown that these do help mitigate the effects of white light.

Other than disrupting sleep patterns, long exposure to smartphone light reduces blinking rates, leading to digital eyestrain and irritation.

Curbing white light does not entirely eliminate the interference smartphones have on sleep patterns. A Facebook notification or a WhatsApp message is enough to excite one and throw off sleep for a couple of minutes.

Long smartphone use can also lead to additiction, hence the need to constantly check the device even when there is no need to.

The only sure way to prevent smartphone interference on your sleep patterns is by either turning it off during bedtime or activating Do Not Disturb mode.


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