#IfikieWazazi: What it is and Why it is Trending


To give some background, photography has gained traction in recent days, thanks to proliferation of affordable DSLR cameras and smartphones.

It is not unusual to find the young and hippie in parks, and other scenic locations, contorting their bodies to achieve the perfect posture as a bearded or deadlocked photographer, equally in awkward postures, (no offense intended) struggles to get the perfect shot.

The resultant photos are often posted on popular social media platforms as the youth try to fit in or gain cred from their counterparts.

Now, the downside of this competition to impress is that some of these kids (and adults in diapers as well) take downright raunchy photos – the kind they wouldn’t want parents to see.

And thus #IfikieWazazi was born. Kenyan social media users have taken matters into their hands and have been using the hashtag to share salacious photos and speak against the emerging trend while shaming culprits.

Raunchy photoshoots among the youth are becoming order of the day. Photo: Courtesy

Like most social media discourses, the trend has not lacked opponents who think the young ones should be left to ‘enjoy their youth.’

Some Kenyans attribute the flagrant display of moral decadence to bad influence from celebrities who embrace semi-nudity to gain publicity.

Others reason that the present-day approach to parenting is the main cause. That parents are busy chasing careers and have left teens to be brought up by popular culture and peers.

#IfikieWazazi should not be all about shaming the culprits (victims?). It should be a wake up call for parents, and society in general, to play an active role in guiding young adults and reinforcing moral responsibility.


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