How to Unsubscribe from Marketing and Premium Messages on Safaricom

How To

Ever received marketing text messages that you never subscribed on your Safaricom line but couldn’t figure out how to stop them?

Worse still, do you load up airtime only to realize it is deducted yet you are not subscribed to any of the services?

Aggressive marketers can get your number in various ways including data mining. Calling Safaricom to inquire about the same won’t yield much because the customer care reps cannot know if you unknowingly subscribed or your naughty kid did it.

Luckily, you can stop the incessant messages and premium subscriptions courtesy of Safaricom USSD.

Here’s how to go about it.

To unsubscribe from premium services and games (the ones that deduct airtime):

  • Dial *100# and then press the call button on your phone.

  • Type 4 to choose ‘Premium Services and Games’ and then press ‘send’

  • Type 1 and then press ‘send’ to see services you are subscribed to, otherwise type 2 and then press ‘send’ to unsubscribe from all.

  • Repeat the steps to confirm if you’ve successfully unsubscribed. Upon successful unsubscription you should receive a prompt saying ‘No record of subscription history found.’

To unsubscribe from marketing messages:

  • Dial *100# and press call
  • Type 5 too choose ‘Marketing messages’ and press ‘send’

  • Type 1 and press ‘send’ to deactivate the messages
  • in the next screen type the name of the sender and then press ‘send’ to unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe from Safaricom’s own promotional messages:

  • Dial *100# and press call
  • Enter option 3 in the interactive menu to select ‘Products & Services’ and press ‘send’

  • Type 98 and then press ‘send’ for more options

  • Type 10 to select ‘Stop Safaricom Promotion SMS’ and then ‘Send’ to complete the request.

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