How to Activate Microsoft Windows and Office Without Licence/Activation Key

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Windows is the most widely used computer operating system for office and home use. Along with the OS is its publication and word processing software; Microsoft Office.

Unfortunately, Windows and Office do not come free. Users have to purchase them at a hefty cost.
It is especially punishing if your computer crashed and you hadn’t saved the licence keys somewhere.

Luckily, there are numerous software that can help you activate Windows or Office.

One such software is KMS Auto or KMS Pico. KMS will help you activate Windows or Office without the fuss of entering licence keys.
KMS can also allow you to change Windows serial key to one you desire.

  • To use KMS, first download it from here.
  • You can choose the installer or portable version. Note that some versions won’t run until you update Dot Net to 4.5. If so download and install the desired Dot Net framework.
  • Once installed run KMS and select ‘Activate Windows’ or ‘Office,’ whichever necessary, and let it do the work for you.
  • To confirm whether Windows is activated, press the Windows + Pause Break key combination to bring up your computer properties. On successful activation, you should see “Windows is Activated.

  • To confirm whether Office is activated, click on the File menu and select Accounts. Under Product Information, you should see “Product is activated”

Disclaimer: This article by no means encourages obtaining or using original software illegally. It is only meant to help you reactivate Windows and Office if you lost the licence keys. Otherwise to obtain new Windows or Office, visit the Microsoft Website.


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