Extract from PDF or Convert documents to PDF Quickly with Able2Extract Professional

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The internet is littered with numerous PDF software that can convert documents to PDF, but few can extract documents from PDF satisfactorily.

In most cases you will have to contend with left out images, distorted objects, broken up text, among other unwelcome changes.

Well, that is until you meet Able2Extract Professional 12. This nifty tool swiftly converts documents to PDF, PDF to popular file formats and it also enables you to directly edit PDFs.

Its interface is straightforward, so there is no steep learning curve for new users.

To convert a document to PDF just use the print function and select Able2Extract Professional 12 from the list of printers and click “Print,” that’s it.

Most importantly, it converts PDF files to various file formats including Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, AutoCAD or image (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF AND TIFF).

To convert PDF documents, just select the part of the document you want or select all and then click on the icon of the file format you would like to convert to.


A pdf document open in Able2Extract Professional 12

The result is quite surprising because the converted document is an exact copy of the original PDF, including images, bullets and tables.

A docx document converted from the above pdf

The latest version of Able2Extract Professional (12) now has even more features, these include:

  • PDF Forms Filler
  • PDF Form Editor
  • Insert Bates Numbering
  • Add Blank PDF Pages
  • Improved Batch Conversion
  • Enhanced PDF Text Editing
  • Improved Watermark Annotation
  • Improved PDF to Excel Conversion

Able2Extract Professional 12 is available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. You can download the installer from https://www.investintech.com


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