CA of Kenya’s Minimum Requirements for Mobile Cellular Devices


The Communications Authority of Kenya surreptitiously issued guidelines on minimum features and technical specifications for mobile cellular devices imported and distributed in Kenya.

These devices include smartphones, feature phones, portable, vehicle-mounted, RF interface cards and modems that have capability to connect to public cellular communication networks.

The guidelines are quite comprehensive but here are a few we’ve picked out for you.

  • Vendors must provide at least 1 year warranty on mobile devices and at least 2 years of aftersales support.
  • Manufacturer’s logo and device model has to be printed on the device in readily visible and indelible ink.
  • Every device must have an IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) assigned by GSMA. The IMEI must be retrievable once a user types *#06# on the device.
  • Cellular devices should have an alphanumeric keyboard, at least QWERTY for easy operation.
  • A cellular device should have at least 3 notification profiles; Loud, Silent and Vibrate.
  • A mobile cellular device’s battery should supply power to offer at least 8 hours of talk-time and 24 hours standby.
  • The AC adaptor for the device shall have a suitable power supply cord and mains plug that conforms to Kenya’s electricity standards.
  • Mobile cellular devices should operate within Bands 1,2, and 3 (UMTS, IMT 2100, GSM 1800, 900) for 2G and 3G network standards, and Bands 4 and 5 (LTE 700 and LTE 800) for 4G network standard.

View or Downaload Full Guidelines on the Minimum Features and Technical Specifications for Mobile Cellular Devices Imported into and Distributed in Kenya


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