Betting 101: End of Season Football Betting Tips


Betting can be either lucrative or draining; it all depends on how you do it.

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There are people who have made it big courtesy of betting. Am not talking of the one time headliners who hit the jackpots.

Chances of doing that is close to nil hence cannot be invested in.

Am referring to the sort of guys who rack up a net of Ksh. 100,000 or more in a month from cool, calculated betting.

On the other end are people who have lost their all because of betting.

What part of the divide you end up in depends on whether you heed the following betting commandments, or not.

Never stake what you can’t afford to lose

It may seem straightforward but most people ignore this cardinal rule.

Simply put, do not bet with rent money, school fees, medical emergency cash, the funeral contribution or any cash for essentials.

Because once you lose there’s only one way it will go, down.

The fewer the teams in a multibet, the higher the chances of winning

The more teams you stack up, the lesser you are likely to win. Let not the mouthwatering ‘possible win’ dull you reasoning.

It is advisable to make several multiple bets of 2 0r 3 teams instead of picking out 24 teams and going around fantasizing on how you will spend the windfall – you’re only building the proverbial castles in the air.

Never underestimate the home team

The home team has a lot of factors tilting on their favour; an intimidating horde of fans, familiarity with the weather and the pitch, just to name a few.

Mighty teams do lose to bottom-of-the-table teams all the time because they have hungry fans rallying behind them.

Before betting against the home team be sure to do your homework thoroughly.

Be mindful of end-of-season battles

Dynamics change towards the end of the season. Top four or six teams are fighting for qualification to continental championships while the bottom 3 or four are fighting relegation.

At this time mid-table teams more oft than not lose to bottom and some top teams.

Top teams that have already secured silverware or qualification to championships tend to become lax  and the coach becomes more adventurous with the squad.

Do not bet for such teams because they have nothing to challenge for hence will be content with draws and losses no longer sting.

Unavailability of star players does have an impact

Every team has one or two players who can change a game completely due to individual effort.

Barcelona has Messi, Real Madrid has Cristiano, Juventus has Buffon etc.

When such players are unavailable the whole team is in shambles and lack direction.

Be sure to check injury updates to know if the team you want to bet for has star players available.

Newly appointed coaches need time

Rarely do new coaches hit the ground running. They come with different approaches to the game and players often need time to adapt to the change.

Winning streaks matter

Teams that have notable unbeaten runs posses a momentum that you can only ignore at your own peril.

Such teams have a winning mentality that is likely to help them overcome challenge from teams superior to them on paper.

The reverse is true (losing streaks).

Derbies change dynamics

Derbies bring to fore simmering rivalries between same-town teams.

They can go either way or most likely end in draws. While history is often rewritten, it plays a major role in derbies.

Cups and continental championships

All teams that participate in continental championships and cups have got there because they are good.

This therefore means there are no clear favourites as the teams are all strong.

This is especially true towards the end stages (quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals).

Such games are more likely to end in draws and proceed to extra-time and/or penalties (most bookies only consider the official 90+ minutes of the game).

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