AUDIO: Oppo Kenya Boss Caught on Tape Abusing Kenyan Employee


Chinese phonemaker Oppo is staring at a PR disaster in its Kenyan market after a senior employee was caught on tape verbally abusing a Kenyan employee.

The individual, who is allegedly the Oppo Kenya CEO, can be heard using the F word severally to reprimand the employee.

The conversation seems to be about firing of some employees. The Kenyan speaker can be heard trying to say that they are not required to fire anyone without the spelled out procedures.

The CEO gets agitated and wants the employees to be fire straightaway, procedures notwithstanding.

Kenyan social media users have used the hashtag #ShameOnOppoKenya to speak against the flagrant disrespect shown to locals.

Oppo Kenya management has said it is looking into the harrasment claims.

This comes in the wake of the public outcry over a billboard that had writing done entirely in Chinese.

The controversial billboard

It is not clear what the writing were all about and who was the target audience. 
The billboard was later pulled down after government agencies intervened. 

There’s has been concern over how expatriates treat locals with disrespect and get away with it.

Kenyan employees in several Chinese multinational corporations have come out strongly to voice the horrific experiences they go through under their foreign bosses.

Here’s the audio:


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