Android Users Can Now View Photos, Send and Receive Texts on Windows 10


The October update of Windows 10 now comes with a new app that allows Android users to receive texts and view photos from a Windows 10 PC.

Android users can View photos and send texts on Windows 10 via Your Phone app | Image: Courtesy

The app, called Your Phone, gives Android users a convenience iPhone users have been enjoying for some time now. You can start a conversation on your smartphone and continue with it on your Windows PC, or vice versa.

The app also allows you to view 25 most recent photos from your Android smartphone. You can drag a photo from Your Phone app to other places such as a document or email.

Right-clicking on the photo gives you the option to copy or share it.

One of the major advantages of Your Phone app is that it works via WiFi, so you don’t have to plug your Android smartphone to your PC to view photos or send and receive texts.

The only limitation is that the new feature only supports Android 7.0 or later. So if you’re running older Android you might want to upgrade to enjoy its convenience.

Another feature that is expected to come later will allow mirroring of Android phones to a Windows desktop. This means you can use any of your phone apps on a PC without the need for third-party software like Bluestacks.

You will need to turn on automatic updates to get the new Windows 10 update. Otherwise go to your Windows 10 settings and prompt it to check for the latest updates.

You might want to be sure you’re on unlimited internet or have sufficient data for the updates can be as large as 3-4 GB.


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