7 Habits of Trustworthy People


To truly know someone, you have to spend a healthy amount of time around or with them. 

Nonetheless, there are particular traits that will promptly give away an individual’s character. 

Here are 7 habits trustworthy people readily exhibit.

They are Compassionate

Trustworthy people are compassionate. They care about the welfare of those around them and will do anything not hurt other people to advance self-interests.

They are Consistent 

Trustworthy people are easily predictable. They have a similar approach to situations hence can be counted upon not to pull unpleasant surprises.

Such individuals tend to keep time and promises. Their word is honour in itself.

They Exhibit Calmness

An untrustworthy person is more often shady and fidgety. Such individuals will show signs of anxiety because they are wary of their veneer of dishonesty peeling off.

When a person is calm and at ease it shows they are open and have nothing to hide from you.

They are Frank

Honest and straightforward individuals know that truth and transparency matter in cultivating a healthy relationship.

Such individuals will give information without any omission, even if by doing so they could be risking their own careers or may create conflict.

They Confide

Trustworthy individuals are more likely to trust others in their circle. They bare secrets and faults without fearing that such will be used against them.

Such behaviour shows the individual is open with you and expects the same from you.

They Hate Gossip

Trustworthy individuals value honesty and will never want to give audience to or peddle gossip. They know that second and third-hand information is likely altered.

They prefer to get unaltered information directly from the source, even it means waiting a little longer.

They are Good Listeners

Because they are empathetic and hate gossip, trustworthy individuals tend to be good listeners. They pay keen interest to what you are saying and give well-thought, honest responses. 


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