5 Reasons Plant Protein is Better than Animal Protein


Proteins are an essential part of cells and play key roles in growth and repair of tissues. We can obtain protein from either plant or animal sources.

Plant proteins are healthier than animal protein because they pack less calories, saturated fats and cholesterol while having more nutrients and fibre

Nonetheless, obtaining proteins from plants has more health benefits and less harm when compared to animal proteins. Let’s explore why.

More nutrients

Nutritionists and health experts recommend plant protein over animal protein because plant proteins contain more nutrients and fibre than animal proteins.

Contains fibre

Fibre not only helps in digestion but also fosters a healthy gut. Studies show that fibre is also associated with lower risk of heart disease.

Fewer calories

Another advantage of plant proteins is that they pack fewer calories in poud-to-pound comparison with animal proteins.

Less saturated fats and no cholesterol

Animal proteins contain saturated fats and cholesterol which tend to clog up the heart and lead narrow blood vessels.

This consequently leads to heart disease and high blood pressure.
With plant proteins, you get less saturated fats and no cholesterol.

Lower risk of cancer

Studies show that there are more cancer cases among people who consume animal protein when compared to those who consume plant protein.

Processed and red meats are associated with several types of cancer including colon, pancreatic and prostate cancers.

However, experts are not recommending that you get rid of animal protein from your diet completely. This is due to the fact that most plants cannot produce some nutrients such as Vitamin B12.

Instead, it is recommended that you take animal protein once in a while or in moderation.


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