4 Best Apps for Free TV and Movie Streaming


The discontinuation of Terrarium has left many Movie enthusiasts in limbo, especially given that it was arguably the best, if not one of the best, free movie streaming app.

There are some MODs that promise to skip the update screen on which terrarium is stuck at.

However, those I tried only worked for a short while.

There are a host of other apps (without subscription) that get the job done, though am afraid none may be as perfect as Terrarium was.

Here are the top four, not arranged in any particular order.


Showbox lists TV shows and movies according to popularity or year of release. Like either stream on your device or download to watch later.

It is worth noting that Showbox does not allow downloading to external storage, it only recognizes internal storage.

Showbox has Android, iOS, PS4, Linux and Windows versions as well.

Popcorn TV

Popcorn TV has an interface that is somewhat similar to Terrarium. The home screen is populated with thumbnails of popular movies and TV series.

It also displays links to YouTube trailers so you can preview a movie before downloading.
You can either stream shows or download them for offline watching.

Popcorn is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows.

FreeFlix HQ

Like Popcorn TV and Showbox, FreeFlix HQ’s homescreen lists thumbnails of either Movies or TV shows, whichever you prefer.

In addition to TV Shows and Movies, it provides access to Anime, Cartoons, Wrestling, News and Live TV.

FreeFlix is supported on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Tea TV

Tea TV’s home screen has tabs for Discover, Movies, TV Shows and Anime. Each category lists thumbnails of popular items.

You can use the filter option to narrow results to year of release.
Tea TV has an option for Live TV, though it is in Beta mode, meaning it is anything but perfect.

The Calender option is useful in staying abreast released or upcoming movies/shows.

Tea Tv is available on iOS, Andorid, Mac and Windows.


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